Quirky Songs with Humour and Mischief

Saturday 8th August 2020

Quirky Songs with Humour & Mischief / Punchy Poetry: Life in Anglo-Saxon England

Speakers/Performers:Kath Tait & Andrew Rea

Tonight features two very talented, original performers. Kath, a singer songwriter from New Zealand, lives in London and writes about her life as a carer, hippy, itinerant bard and wholefood freak. Described as  ‘wonky and eccentric’, she’s an empathetic, intelligent lyricist who has performed at folk music and poetry venues from Dunedin to Edinburgh with her outrageous fib telling, wacky introductions and songs that combine charm and insight with melodic guitar/vocals. Andrew is a retired architect and pagan poet well known for impassioned performances. He investigates the lives and beliefs of the common people in Anglo-Saxon England and will reveal what we know of elves in those times and how they changed in later Saxon times, together with reference to towns named after them, spells and charms referenced to them, as well as words and names based on them. His talk will be enlivened with his delightful poems.

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