The End of the NHS?

Report from the Meeting held 9th March 2019

Carol Saunders gave a powerful and very well received talk on the current challenges facing the NHS. In essence the process of privatisation of the health service is well underway. This is being done by stealth so that the majority of the wider public are unaware of these changes. The talk was followed by lively discussion and led to a number of actions including:-

•Tell everyone you know what is happening to the NHS
•Support the NHS Reinstatement Bill
•Support pro-NHS demonstrations
•Help to campaign against migrant charges
•Get your MP to sign the We Own it pledge for the NHS
•Get your union behind the NHS
•Add your email address to your local NHS campaign mailing list

You can download Carol’s presentation here

Carol Saunders

Saturday 9th March 2019

Much Closer Than You Think   Speaker: Carol Saunders
In its 70th year, it’s an open secret that the NHS is struggling as never before. We’ve been bombarded with stories about missed targets, bed shortages, staff shortages, A&E & hospital closures & the dire lack of services for mental health patients. But that’s just the headlines. Come & hear the jaw-dropping back-story of how, back in 2013-14, the World Economic Forum drew up a blueprint for dismantling worldwide socialised health services – a blueprint that’s being followed, right now, in the English NHS. Carol is a campaigner with Tower Hamlets Keep our NHS Public / NE London Save our NHS.

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